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Chris Allo

Chris Allo's  career at Marvel Entertainment spanned nearly ten years from Internship to  Talent Management.  He assisted in managing hundred of freelancers in  various capacities.   He Hosted and reviewed art for visiting students  from SCAD, RISD and did portfolio reviews at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon  and Graphic Art and dozens of conventions.  Gave full on portfolio reviews  and critiques to hundreds of aspiring artists at his time at Marvel.  And  has helped many artists still working in the biz today get their first big  breaks in the comic business.

Some of my Proudest moments at Marvel:  getting Skottie Young on the Wizard of Oz books.  Getting Arthur Suydam to  do the Marvel Zombies covers.  Helping to staff the Marvel Illustrated line  with editor Ralph Macchio.  Getting to edit my own line of books for the  first time with Justin Gabrie in 2009 and of course getting Marko Djurdjevic to  work for Marvel!

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, May 30

12:00pm EDT